INDIBA® Animal Health uses the monopolar radio frequency CAP/RES technology at a constant frequency of 448 kHz, which gives it unique properties that allow to generate thermal and subthermal effects that accelerate tissue recovery *.

*vs. Other techniques and treatments.

INDIBA® Animal Health is a tool that can be combined with any other therapeutic technique such as manual therapy, plus the exercises performed are more effective as it produces relaxation on the animal and improves tissue irrigation, elasticity, and cell regeneration capacity.

It is a therapeutic tool that allows to rehabilitate and recover injuries, either by the conservative method or as post-surgical therapy, in a markedly reduced time and with the least recurrence possible, due to its biostimulating effects at the cellular level that allow the generation of healthy tissue.

The 448 kHz frequency also permits the user to work without increasing the temperature of the tissue (biostimulation), allowing treatments to be initiated in acute stages or in situations in which the hyperthermia is contraindicated (for example, edema).

Efficiency and safety:

INDIBA®’s technology works in a closed circuit that naturally stimulates the regenerative processes of the body, allowing it to treat tissues in great depth without being invasive or painful to the animal.

Safe to use on:

  • Metal implants
  • Edema (non-infectious)
  • Oncology patients
  • Wound treatment
  • Thyroid gland

Specifically in veterinary medicine, our studies have been carried out in horses and pets with extraordinary results on the recovery of injuries and the management of pain.

Visit our Scientific Literature section to see all available clinical reports.

Net price: 60 266,82 RON
Gross price: 76 538,86 RON
Net price: 114 875,93 RON
Gross price: 145 892,43 RON